Pesach – Jason Rabotnick

Posted on April 11, 2014


“God of wisdom,
teach to to relate to others
with words they need to hear,
With words,
that will never
Teach me, dear God,
That often,
The most effective words
are no words at all.
To me how and when
to communicate
with that most potent gift
of silence.”
– Rav Nachman

Take the word Pesach, and break it up. Peh means mouth and sach means mouth. Literally, the mouth speaks. There are are two ideas that I want to focus on that comes along with leaving Egypt. One idea is the common idea, that when we left, we left physically. There isn’t really any need to go into depth with that one. The other idea is a very important one. We didn’t just leave Egypt with the ability to, physically, do whatever we want. We also left with the ability to watch what we say. To not say leshon horah. To not use our mouths so speak against God. Leaving Egypt was a new time for the Jews. All of the problems we had with God have left us with Moshe taking us out.

As we relive our history this year, we should all be in awe of what happened to us. We should all leave this holiday with a new insight. With less leshon horah.

Have a great week, and chag sameach!


[I want to point out, Rabbi Adatto helped me with my Dvar Torah this week (in the care on our way back from the tennis game THAT WE WON!!)]