Parshat Teztaveh – Jason Rabotnick and Bryant Ainhorn

Posted on February 7, 2014


G-d said to Moshe find the wise people and the question comes along: “What makes someone wise? Is is that they are smart? The Gemara answers this question and says that who is wise is someone who acknowledges that everything they have is from G-d. If you’re smart, or whatever skill you may have is from G-d.

In this weeks parsha we are told that Aaron is the Kohen Gadol and it starts describing the clothing that the Kohanim wear. It mentions that the names of the twelve tribes were written and worn on the Kohan Gadol’s clothes. Why does this matter? Aaron may not have thought about this all day, so why would he have had to wear it? One answer says is that this is a constant reminder that we all come from the same place. It is a huge reminder to remain humble. We learn that just like Moshe was the most humble person, the Kohan Gadol has to remain humble, and we too have to stay humble. No matter how big or small we think we are, we have to be humble because we all come the same place, and the same nation.