Parshat Ki Tavo : Uriel Green

Posted on September 2, 2015


In this week’s parsha, Parshat Ki Tavo, it says ,” Today, Hashem, your God, commands you to perform these decrees and the statutes.” Many people, including me, say that we have tomorrow to do something . From this verse we see that God wants us to be responsible and not procrastinate. Everyone has the urge to delay and put off whatever they have to do to anther time, and in many cases they tend to delay so much that they run out of time.  A rabbi once said, ” If you wait until the pressure subsides you might never get a chance to finish or accomplish it.” Another idea from this parsha is that we tend to face many challenges on a daily basis, and again like stated before, we tend to have the urge to push off our challenges to ease our troubles. But, by postponing our troubles rather than helping ourselves we hurt ourselves because we add a greater amount of challenges to the following days set of hardships.