Parshat Chayei Sarah – Eitan Feifel

Posted on November 12, 2014

This week’s Parsha, Chayei Sarah, starts off with the death of Sarah. One would fine this odd
because the name of the Parsha literally means ‘The Life of Sarah’. It would be expected that the
parsha would have a little more detail on the life that Sarah lived. However, it deals with her death. The parsha then carries on with Eliezer searching for a wife for Yitzchak. Then the Parsha concludes with the death of Yishmael…and Avraham! How come the Parsha barely even focuses on the death
of Avraham but dedicates a whole entire Parsha to the death of Sarah!? The Torah isn’t just a story of our history, but rather a guideline for the Jewish people.  Especially in Beresheit, each Parsha shows a certain way we should live our life.  When Sarah died her life didn’t end, because her legacy had just begun. Sarah was such a great woman that when she lived and when she died, she impacted everyone around her. She was the mother and teacher of Yitzchak and taught him how have a strong connection with Hashem.  She taught him to respect and love his wife, which made Yitzchak’s and Rivkah’s relationship so strong and powerful. Sarah was also the rock behind Avraham. Avraham would not have been the man he was without Sarah. The Torah doesn’t just brush off Avraham’s death, but rather, the Torah builds it up with the death of Sarah. Their legacy is in Yitzchak finding a wife. One might think this Parsha only speak of Sarah’s death, but really it speak of what will live on now that she had died. Sarah left behind valuable lessons on how each of us should live
and carry out our lives.