A Teen’s Perspective on Slingshot San Diego – By Yoni KN and Adina Cohen

Posted on February 13, 2013

slingshot 009 (1)

Last night we had an amazing opportunity to participate in Slingshot. We, along with 60 leaders of the San Diego Jewish community discussed values, figured out what mattered to us and made the decision of where to grant more than $10,000 all in just a few hours!

Interacting with so many leaders in the community was an awesome experience and learning from them is something we will never forget.

Being a part of Slingshot was an honor and we both learned a lot about ourselves, how we relate to our Judaism, our community and to big issues like philanthropy and social responsibility. We thought about things like the value of community vs. family and spiritual growth vs. personal growth, is there a difference?

We wanted to really thank the Jewish Federation and Rabbi Simon for bringing us to the program to participate and be a a part of the broader community.

We hope to take the lessons of slingshot back to our NCSY peers!